One-on-One Book Writing Coaching Sessions

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to write your first book.
  2. Know how to write a powerful and effective story and connect with your intended readers.
  3. Learn how to identify and overcome your blocks in writing.
  4. Know how to finish strong.
  5. Decide whether to go traditional publishing or publish your own book.

Our one-on-one learning sessions will include:

Chapter 1: About Your Book: Begin with the end in mind

Output: Writing Your Back Cover

Identifying Your Target Reader

Focused Book Topic and Working Title

Chapter 2: Brainstorming and Fleshing out your Book Outline

Output: Table of Contents and Writing Schedules

Chapter 3: How to Tell a Powerful Story: The Art and Science of Storytelling

Output: Introduction, Chapter 1-2

Chapter 4: How to Keep Writing Forward: Overcoming the Writer’s Block

Output: Identifying what’s keeping you stuck and writing hacks

Chapter 5: How to Finish Strong

Output: Writing Exercises with feedback on up to three chapters

Bonus Chapter: Publishing 101

Output: Decision on whether to go to a traditional publisher or self-publish your book

Learning time will be at our agreed upon schedule and venue within Metro Manila. If you are living in the province or overseas, we can schedule our sessions online at our pre-agreed time.

For more information, you can message me at: Thank you and looking forward to helping you bring your dream book to life! 🙂

Do-It-Yourself Writing Retreat:
Bring Your Book to Life in 3 Days.

A step-by-step guide to jumpstart writing your first book

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