Discover a Path to Healthy Romance

Friend, how’s your heart?
Is it tired? Hurting? Bleeding?
Did it recently break into a million pieces?
Is it hardened and numbed from all the pain?
It’s time to mend your wounded heart.

If you’re stuck in a toxic relationship that steals your peace and joy; if you find yourself in a “friendship with benefits” because you think that’s all you deserve; if you feel needy and impatient as you wait for your one true love and are tempted to settle—this book is for you.

You stay in unhealthy relationships long enough and you start to believe it’s how it’s meant to be—painful. The truth is, real love is peaceful. UnLove will help you see true love for what it is and expose its counterfeits. It also provides insights, steps, and prayers to help you move from a toxic relationship to a healthy one.

Don’t settle for a toxic romance or a pseudo-relationship. You deserve the best kind of love—the happy, holy, and healthy relationship God wants for you. Let UnLove heal your broken, weary heart and make it whole again.

Do-It-Yourself Writing Retreat:
Bring Your Book to Life in 3 Days
A step-by-step guide to jumpstart writing your first book

Is there a story in your heart that longs to be told or an important message that needs to be shared? Has writing a book been on your bucket list for the longest time? If you’ve ever had a book that you wanted to write, here’s a writing companion to guide you one step at a time.

Combining the art and science of book writing, this writing retreat guide provides you with the tools needed to begin writing, which is one of the hardest things to do, and helps you get started on the right foot in your writing journey.

Whether you want to pack up your bags and go to a writing hideaway, or you want to write in the comforts of your favorite café or desk at home, this do-it-yourself writing retreat book can help you make that crucial start and lead you to the right path.

Love Yourself cover front

Love Yourself

As God Loves you

How Do You Love Yourself?
Let us count the ways…
God wants you to accept and love yourself as He does.
This simple and inspiring book provides you with the spiritual truths that will help you love yourself God’s way.

  • Learn biblical truths that will help you overcome the lies that lead to self-hate and undermine your self-worth.
  • Find practical ways that you can do when your love tank is running empty, when you’re feeling needy and need to take care of your self.
  • Discover valuable lessons that will help you love yourself in a healthy way.

PLUS: 52 Ways to Love Yourself, one for every week of the year!
Are you ready to take the first step towards wholeness?
This book will help you to truly love your self, the way God does.
Love yourself today.

HM 2019 Cover B

Harvest Moon

There are few moments in your life when you encounter people and places that take you into another direction.

You go somewhere new, meet someone, do something you’ve never done before and you are never the same. The moment turns your life around.

Hiroki Sato never thought that such a day would also happen for him. He was only twelve years old when he started working hard for his career. Now in his twenties, Hiro is successful, famous, and exhausted. Left alone with his thoughts, he often wonders if there is more to life than his work, until he meets Michelle.

His brief encounter with her lights a dying spark inside him and he is drawn to her like the moon to the sun.

Their serendipitous meeting takes them to explore Beijing, Tokyo, and the Philippines together, but bridging their different worlds was not as easy as they thought it would be.

What can heal the pain of history? What can overcome the boundaries of the heart?

Perhaps, love.


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Marjorie Duterte is an author, editor, and book writing coach. As a shepherd to authors, she believes in making the world better—one book at a time. Through MRD Publishing, she helps aspiring authors produce their books from concept to publication.
She also co-founded The Writers’ Retreat PH, which teaches aspiring authors the essential skills they need to write their own books. If you want to change the world with your dream book, e-mail her at marjorie.duterte@gmail.com or join one of her writing retreats soon.

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