A New Chapter

Photo courtesy of Instituto Cervantes


Life is like a book and we are its authors. We create our own stories and make our own plot. The ink that writes the book of our lives is unchangeable and permanent. An error that has been committed cannot be erased. It is forever written in the leaves of the past.

Yet we can always reread what has happened in our lives and learn from our mistakes. And then, rest for a while, as a good writer does, contemplating on the lessons of yesterday, hoping to make a better story tomorrow.

This is a time for new beginnings, new experiences, and new doors. Today, as in any day, when one finally decides to change, is an opportunity to create a bestseller.

Allow me to turn the pages of my life and share them with you.

To God, our lives’ Publisher, be the glory and honor forever! Only He can help us write a classic. Welcome to the pages of my life.



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